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Canvas’ robot cart could change how factories work

We stopped by Andy Rubin's Playground in Palo Alto to check out a new autonomous cart from Canvas Technologies. The startup aims to replace existing fixed and expensive factory infrastructure, like conveyor belts, with its lightweight and adaptable computer-vision-powered cart.

CANVAS Technology unveils world's first completely autonomous self-driving cart

Autonomous cars are still a long way away from replacing human drivers on the road. But make no mistake. Intelligent, highly adaptable self-driving robots are here — and CANVAS Technology is leading the way.

The Canvas autonomous cart can ferry goods around chaotic factory floors

Most Econ 101 classes start with an explanation of fixed and marginal cost in the context of factories. The factory is the principal fixed cost — expensive and permanent. Canvas wants to smash this assumption of expensive, inflexible, factories by replacing infrastructure with autonomous vehicles designed to shuffle goods around factory floors.

Canvas Technology Builds Automotive-Level Autonomy for Goods Delivery

Canvas Technology is working in stealth mode to make vision-based autonomy for indoor goods delivery a commercial reality.

Boulder company developing self-driving vehicles for factories

A Boulder business, built on research from the University of Colorado, is developing technology to put self-driving vehicles not on America's roadways, but in its millions of factories and warehouses.