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The Industrial Cart Re-Imagined

Introducing the CANVAS Autonomous Cart, a simple self-driving system designed to improve efficiency in dynamic industrial environments.

CANVAS Advantage


Canvas Autonomy works well in all environments - structured and unstructured, indoors and out and can power a range of autonomous vehicles.

Focus on your
business, not robots.

We've combined the most intelligent autonomous vehicle with rugged design, built for the factory - and built to work without oversight. It can be fully operational in hours, not months.

Change the robot, not
your infrastructure.

Designed for quick change: Hardware that's easy to adapt to the load being carried, accessories that bolt on in minutes, and when a work cell moves, change routes & waypoints in minutes.

Designed to work for people

Anywhere someone is pushing a cart to move something in a factory or warehouse is a wasted opportunity - wasted time, efficiency, and human ingenuity. A time where a person could be adding value to operations in meaningful ways.

We've taken the traditional industrial cart that has been used for hundreds of years and turned it into a powerful autonomous system, designed to work for people in busy and unpredictable environments.

The safest way to move goods

3D vision provides intelligence that allows safe collaboration with people and vehicles.

Fundamentally safer with multiple pairs of stereo cameras that view floor-to-ceiling in full 3-D


Bright LEDs visible from all directions

Easy to Deploy

The Canvas Autonomous Cart system is designed to be deployed quickly and easily by a non-technical team.

Average setup can be achieved in under 60 minutes.

Operational Insight

Real-time access to route times, bottlenecks, throughput, and other data direct from the workplace.

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